Migration Managerialism

Welcome to this week’s discussion, which is also our last discussion. I want to thank each of you for continuing to participate fully in your projects and in discussions online. Please answer as many or as few of the questions below on the readings/podcast for today: This week we read Chapter 6 of Itamar Mann’sContinue reading “Migration Managerialism”

Economic Benefit/Cost to Host, Refugee Perspective, Stories/Agency , Final Argument.

By : Dominique , Brayden and Ashley. Economic Costs/Benefits: The Government of Australia’s “Pacific Solution” was implemented in response to the growing number of refugee-seekers arriving in Australia via irregular means, most notably by small-vessel over the open-ocean. In order to maintain public support for the highly-controversial policy, the Australian Government has sought to portrayContinue reading “Economic Benefit/Cost to Host, Refugee Perspective, Stories/Agency , Final Argument.”

Cambodia: Refugee Warriors and Economics

by melody and damian and olivia Since their inception, refugee camps have been viewed as places offering a safe haven for refugees waiting to be resettled far away from the dangers of their home countries. This perception of refugee camps have been conceptualized as a means of giving them legitimacy, but as Itamar Mann hasContinue reading “Cambodia: Refugee Warriors and Economics”

North American Border: Sanctuary Cities, Self Representation, and Economics

International Worker’s Day, early morning blockade outside ICE headquarters in San Francisco 2017. Photo: Peg Hunter Important Update  This past Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his government would allow refugee claimants to cross the border and spend 14 days in isolation. Just one day after this announcement, the federal government unexpectedly reversed thisContinue reading “North American Border: Sanctuary Cities, Self Representation, and Economics”

Gratitude, COVID-19 and Moral Blackmail/ Moral Risk

19 March 2020 Welcome to our online discussion of today’s readings. I hope you all are doing well and trying to stay sane as our (North American) society experiences near universal proximity to precariousness for the first time. I will start by posing some reflective questions on Dina Nayeri’s piece; then ask a COVID-19 relatedContinue reading “Gratitude, COVID-19 and Moral Blackmail/ Moral Risk”

Nauru, Representation of Refugees, Settlement Options and Political Stakes.

By: Dominique, Brayden and Ashley. Representation of asylum seekers and those seeking refuge in Australia. RECAP OF THE HISTORY OF ASYLUM SEEKERS IN AUSTRALIA Australia is not unfamiliar with the arrival of asylum seekers by boat. In fact the phenomenon is so incredibly common that those arriving in this way are often just referred toContinue reading “Nauru, Representation of Refugees, Settlement Options and Political Stakes.”

எங்கள் உரிமை (this is our right): the histories of resilience and strength from Tamil refugees.

Written by: Karina Juma, Eliza Meeson, and Abarna Selvarajah Beginning in the 1970s, the Sri Lankan state was able to neutralise the potential political cost of producing refuge-seekers by labeling Tamil political activity as terrorism, accordingly equating the Tamil people as terrorists. As demonstrated by our previous research, the Sri Lankan state has used lawContinue reading “எங்கள் உரிமை (this is our right): the histories of resilience and strength from Tamil refugees.”

The Khmer Rouge and The Cambodian Genocide

By Olivia, Melody, Damien Settlement Options / Outcomes For Cambodians seeking refuge from the crisis which began with the Khmer Rouge, there were many places of settlement. According to the United States Committee for Refugees World Refugee Survey of 1998, “More than 75,000 Cambodians were refugees at the end of 1997, including an estimated 62,000Continue reading “The Khmer Rouge and The Cambodian Genocide”

Refuge Seeking in North America

By Jakob Kelly, Oxana Pilenko, and Chitta Chowdhury The Political Stakes of Refuge-Seeking: Overcoming Polarization and Complexity The United States Historical Background          Migration and refuge-seeking has long been an important topic in American politics. From the beginnings of the republic, important political figures reflected on migration and asylum. In his pamphlet, “Common Sense,” ThomasContinue reading “Refuge Seeking in North America”