Bienvenu à l’espace discussion du cours HIS3585 (automne 2020)

Ici ce situent les blogs conçus et créés par les expert.e.s d’une ou des lecture(s)/source(s) à préparer pour les cours Histoire de la décolonisation de l’Afrique francophone. En quelques paragraphes concis, présentez le.s texte.s. Identifiez le.s auteur(s) que vous présentez. Expliquez en survol le contexte historique ou l’aspect historiographique qu’il.s ou elle.s aborde.nt. Résumez l’argumentContinue reading “Bienvenu à l’espace discussion du cours HIS3585 (automne 2020)”

Migration Managerialism

Welcome to this week’s discussion, which is also our last discussion. I want to thank each of you for continuing to participate fully in your projects and in discussions online. Please answer as many or as few of the questions below on the readings/podcast for today: This week we read Chapter 6 of Itamar Mann’sContinue reading “Migration Managerialism”

Gratitude, COVID-19 and Moral Blackmail/ Moral Risk

19 March 2020 Welcome to our online discussion of today’s readings. I hope you all are doing well and trying to stay sane as our (North American) society experiences near universal proximity to precariousness for the first time. I will start by posing some reflective questions on Dina Nayeri’s piece; then ask a COVID-19 relatedContinue reading “Gratitude, COVID-19 and Moral Blackmail/ Moral Risk”

How did human rights become what they are today?

This semester we will subject the concept of universal human rights to historical inquiry. We will consider how human rights emerged before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted at the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10 December 1948. And we will consider what became of human rights in the decades afterContinue reading “How did human rights become what they are today?”