North American Border: Sanctuary Cities, Self Representation, and Economics

International Worker’s Day, early morning blockade outside ICE headquarters in San Francisco 2017. Photo: Peg Hunter Important Update  This past Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his government would allow refugee claimants to cross the border and spend 14 days in isolation. Just one day after this announcement, the federal government unexpectedly reversed thisContinue reading “North American Border: Sanctuary Cities, Self Representation, and Economics”

Refuge Seeking in North America

By Jakob Kelly, Oxana Pilenko, and Chitta Chowdhury Historical/geographical context  In light of its existence as the product of colonial enterprise, the United States has historically created the conditions for mass displacement of people. Chattel slavery, militarized expansion, and neoliberal economic development all relied on the forceful displacement of people across continents. The official establishmentContinue reading “Refuge Seeking in North America”