The Discrepancy in Canadian Law

By: Ante Plazonja Lori G. Beaman is a professor at the University of Ottawa and is a holder of the Canada Research Chair in religious diversity and social change. She has published works regarding religious diversity and freedom in the past, so this article fits well in her bibliography. This article takes place around theContinue reading “The Discrepancy in Canadian Law”

Moyn and How Memory Made Way for the Movement we Know Today

By Shayla Beauchamp Samuel Moyn is currently a professor of Jurisprudence and History at Yale University. His areas of interest in legal scholarship include international law, human rights, the law of war, and legal thought. As an intellectual historian, he has worked on many subjects but focuses on twentieth-century European moral and political theory. HisContinue reading “Moyn and How Memory Made Way for the Movement we Know Today”